Pedro Ricardo

Rodrigues Palmeira

Professional Experiences

Compass UOL
Software Architect
Apr 2022 ~ currently

As the squad's architect, my role is to analyze client's requests, break them down and assist the team with working on the tasks necessary to fulfill them. I also work on making sure the devs use good practices when developing by doing code reviews, analyzing merge requests and overseeing the delivery flow.

Ação Tecnologia
Software Architect
Feb 2020 ~ Apr 2022

Starting as a freelancer but going full time after a while, I joined this project working exclusively on the front-end at first, but joined the back-end team too later on, working on the api consumed by the web application. My time there involved reworking the project's structure to make use of reusable components as well as breaking some parts of the API into microservices.

Pix Tecnologia
Senior full Stack Developer
Feb 2018 ~ Nov 2020

During my time working with Pix, I maintained and evolved legacy monolith applications and also created smaller applications based on micro frontends and microservices, having the opportunity to work on updated versions of applications that I've worked years before on another company (Xsocial).

Websis Tecnologia
Full Stack Developer
Aug 2017 ~ Jan 2018

At Websis, my main task was to maintain legacy applications and kickstart the development of newer versions from scratch to replace them.

Xys Tecnologia
Full Stack Developer
Jul 2014 ~ Sep 2016

At Xys, most of my time was focused on maintaining a PHP and angular based product, that was sold as a package to various different customers but also developing new modules on it to fit said customers' more specific needs.

Junior developer
Feb 2013 ~ Jun 2014

Starting as an intern but being hired later on, Lightbase was where I started taking an interest in Open Source and collaborative development, working with daemons and crons for some time and then moving on to web development. I learned about foundations and good practices.

Known Technologies

  • JavaScript Typescript Vue Angular 4+ alpine.js Electron Lodash angularJS Jest
  • CSS3/HTML5 Vite Vuetify Bootstrap Materialize Tailwind SASS LESS
  • Node NestJS Express Axios
  • Python SQLAlchemy Pyramid
  • PHP Symfony 2~4 Laravel Zend 2 Slim Yii PHPUnit
  • SQL PostgreSQL MySQL MariaDB OracleDB SQL Server
  • Misc Rest/Restful APIs AEM Docker Bash Kubernetes CI/CD Git Gulp Jenkins Scrum
  • Language Fluent English Native Portuguese


Professional Scrum Master™ I
Dec 2022

Educational Background

Faculdade Projeção
Systems Analysis and Development Degree
Aug 2011 ~ Jul 2014

CILC - Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Ceilândia
Advanced English Course
Feb 2007 ~ Sep 2012

ETC - Escola Técnica de Ceilândia
Information Systems Technician
Feb 2009 ~ Jul 2010